Salisha Raulbel

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Salisha Raulbel
Unknown Female.png
Gender Female
Race Human
From Sable, Queendom of Falena
Family Melissa Raulbel (mother)
Solis Raulbel (father)

Salisha Raulbel (サリーシャ・ラウルベル, Sarīsha Rauruberu) is a background character in Suikoden V. She is the daughter of Lord Solis Raulbel.


Salisha is the daughter of Solis Raulbel, the Lord of Sable. She was involved in a relationship with Dinn, the young swordsman who served the House of Raulbel, and though he would rarely speak of it, he was devoted to her.

Following the Sun Rune War it was rumoured that Dinn had won Salisha's hand in marriage.


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