Sadhna Stream

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The Sadhna Stream (サドナの流れ Sadona no Nagare, Sadhna Stream) is a river in the first Suikoden.

A river which flows from its source in the west into Lake Toran[1]. It flows through the lands north of the Dragon Knight's Domain and separates the regions of Kunan and Senan[2]. The Northern Checkpoint serves as a bridge over this stream[3].


  • More known as the Flow of Sadna. This translated name is no more or less canon as the name has never made it into an English Suikoden game or publication.
  • Sadhna (also romanised as Sadhana) is a spiritual practice, including a variety of disciplines in Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist traditions. It is usually translated into Japanese as サドナ.
  • 流れ (Nagare) does mean "flow", but also can mean "stream" or "current". Given that the Sadhna is a river, "stream" seems a more accurate choice, even if it loses something aesthetically.


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