Rune of Beginning

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Rune of Beginning
始まリの紋章 Hajimemari no Monshō
Rune of Beginning.png
Type True Rune

The Rune of Beginning (始まリの紋章, Hajimemari no Monshō) is one of the 27 True Runes. It is normally split into two runes: the Bright Shield and Black Sword Runes.


The Rune of Beginning is said to be the rune representing sword and shield and is believed to have been present at the beginning of the world. It is normally divided into two runes; the Bright Shield and Black Sword Runes.

The rune is said to appear at critical turning points in history, placing the burden of destiny on two heroes. Two such heroes appeared during the war between the City-State of Jowston and the Highland Kingdom, which began in 428. The Bright Shield Rune went to Genkaku, fighting for the City-State, and the Black Sword Rune went to Han Cunningham, soldier of Highland. Realising the danger and hardships the runes could cause, the two friends eventually sealed the runes in Toto Village.

Over 30 years later, the runes would be discovered by Genkaku's adopted son and Jowy Atreides, influencing the Dunan Unification War with the two friends on opposing sides in the conflict. Eventually, however, the rune was united once more as the friends were able to end the fighting.


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