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Star of Destiny Chimou Star
Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 26 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 423
From Feitas Dragon Cavalry
Voice Kita Daisuke (Suikoden V)

Rahal (リューグ, Ryūgu) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Roog is a dashing and impulsive member of the Feitas Dragon Cavalry, in contrast to his friend, Rahal.


Roog is a highly-rated Feitas Dragon Cavalry soldier and the head of the Assault Squad, the Dragon Cavalry's vanguard. Roog was considered the second most popular (see: handsome) member of the Dragon Cavalry, slightly behind Rahal. Roog originally earned his mount, Lance's, respect by wrestling him for an entire day, lending to his reputation as a hot-headed fighter. In temperament, he was almost the exact opposite of his childhood friend, Rahal.

Alongside Lance and Rahal, Roog represented the Feitas Dragon Cavalry in the opening ceremonies of the Sacred Games. Months later, following the Godwin Faction coup d'etat and the revelations about the Barows Faction involvement in the theft of the Dawn Rune, Rahal and Roog travelled to Raftfleet to acquire information on the situation before returning to Sauronix Castle to report on the matter. Many times over the course of the Sun Rune War, Roog wished to break tradition and attack the Godwin and Barows factions for their actions which damaged the security of the nation.

After the Godwin Faction allied with the New Armes Kingdom, Roog left the Dragon Cavalry and joined the Imperial City Recapture Army after it was made clear that Craig Laden would not lead the Dragon Cavalry into battle. He and Roog, along with the Prince, would later infiltrate Gordius to investigate the reason behind Craig's refusal to deploy the Calvary. Roog helped uncover the Godwin plot to hold the dragon horse eggs hostage; the eggs were then secured and, with the threat gone, the Dragon Cavalry entered the war on the side of the Prince.

At Ceras Lake, Roog took time to show Lun the dragon horses and was impressed that she was not scared of them at all. However, he did observe the rules of the Dragon Cavalry and refused to let her ride. He was confronted by a shaken Logg, who was concerned his daughter was doing something unsavoury with the handsome men of the Dragon Cavalry.

Following the war, Roog became Commander of the newly-formed Sun Palace Dragon Brigade which was charged with the defense of Falena along with the Queen's Knights.


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