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Unknown Female.png
Gender Female
Race Elf
From Na-Nal Island
Family Paula (daughter)

Romina (ロミナ, Romina) is a character who is briefly mentioned in Suikoden IV. She was an Elf and mother of Paula.


Elven Elder to Paula
“ Are you not aware of the atrocious sin your mother committed? ”

Romina was the mother of Paula and together they lived in the Elven community on Na-Nal Island. For unknown reasons, she collaborated with the human population of the island and was subsequently banished from the island by the Elven Elder, together with her daughter. She died many years before the beginning of the Island Liberation War.


  • Romina's name is only mentioned during a brief event when the player visits the Elven Elder with Paula in the party prior to the liberation of Na-Nal Island.