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Rokkaku ロッカク
Map description
File:Rokkaku location.png
Location of Rokkaku in Dunan.
Rokkaku (ロッカク, Rokkaku) is a hamlet which is mentioned in Suikoden but first appears in Suikoden II. It is a secretive hamlet inhabited by ninja.


Rokkaku traditionally avoided being ruled by other nations and had resisted attempts by the Scarlet Moon Empire to exert influence for many years until it was razed by Teo McDohl[1]. The ninja Kasumi was ordered to report the carnage to the Toran Liberation Army and joined the rebel forces for the remainder of the war[2].

Following the last battle, it was revealed by Chief Hanzo that there were survivors[3]. Hanzo and Kasumi returned to Rokkaku following the Gate Rune War[4].


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