Rodney Rondot Rovere

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Rodney Rondot Rovere
Unknown Male.png
Gender Male
Race Human
From Lordlake, Queendom of Falena.

Rodney Rondot Rovere (ロドネイ・ロンド・ロヴェレ, Rodonei Rondo Rovuere) is a background character mentioned in Suikoden V. He was executed for his part in the Lordlake Uprising two years prior to the beginning of the game.


Rodney Rondot Rovere was the head of the House of Rovere as well as the Lord of Lordlake. He also headed the Imperial Faction in the Falenan senate and so enjoyed the trust of Queen Arshtat.

Following the Lordlake Uprising, Rovere would be fingered as the ringleader for the riots which resulted in theft of the Dawn Rune from Falena's East Palace. As such, not only was he executed for treason but so were his entire family, ending the Rovere line.

It would later be revealed that Rovere had no role in the riots and that true responsibility for the events laid with Salum Barows.


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