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Rockland ロックランド
Map description
Rockland location.png
Location of Rockland in Toran.
Rockland (ロックランド, Rokkurando) is a village which appears in Suikoden. It is a small rural village located to the east of the Imperial capital of Gregminster.


“ They say a new Emperor came to power some years ago but out here in this country village it makes no difference who's Emperor. ”

Rockland's name comes from its harsh terrain, barren save for rocks[1]. During the Gate Rune War, the area was said to be more dangerous than in years past[2] and dissatisfaction with the village's military commander, Grady, was high[3][4].

An Imperial Guard party, led by Kanaan, investigated a lack of taxes coming from Rockland in the early stages of the Toran Liberation War[5], with Grady blaming the issue on the Mt. Seifu bandits[6]. The gambler Marco spent time in Rockland before traveling to the Warriors' Village.

Grady abandoned the village towards the end of the war, with the people of Rockland both happy with their improved circumstances[7] or thoughtful about the future[8].


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