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Rikon (リコン, Rikon) is a village which appears in Suikoden. Known as Premier L'Amour (プルミエ・ラムール, Purumie Ramuuru) for a short period of time, Rikon is a small village in the region of Kunan.


Rikon is located in the south-east of the Kunan region. The "Holy Doctor", Liukan, once lived in Rikon but eventually secluded himself down river from the village, past the Rapids of Dunan[1]. Despite this, people desperate for medical aid would sometimes come to the village, hoping to meet him[2].

During the Toran Liberation War, the town was called "Premier L'Amour" as per the order of General Milich Oppenheimer[3]; however, the name reverted back to Rikon following the defeated of Milich Oppenheimer.


Item Shop
Accessory icon.png Medicine
Accessory icon.png Blue flower seeds
Accessory icon.png Antitoxin
Accessory icon.png Blue paint
Accessory icon.png Earth Crystal


  1. "Are you fellows looking for Liukan too? Forget it! That fine pharmacist's long retired and living up in the hills." - Man (Suikoden)
  2. "We travelled a long way after hearing that a renowned pharmacist lives here. I was hoping he'd have a cure for my sick child, but..." - Older woman (Suikoden)
  3. "Ahem! This is the town of Lac Virginite. To the south is the village of Premier L'Amour. To the west, the township of Bier Blanche. These wonderful names were chosen for us by General Milich Oppenheimer himself, one of the Five Great Imperial Generals." - Imperial Guardsman (Suikoden)