Ridley Wizen

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Ridley Wizen
Star of Destiny Tenko Star
Ridley Wizen.png
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Kobold
Age 39 (kobold years), 31 (human years) (Suikoden II)
Birth Year SY 430
From Two River City, Dunan Republic
Family Boris Wizen (son)

Ridley Wizen (リドリー・ワイゼン, Ridorī Waizen) is a character in Suikoden II. Ridley is the General of Two River City and is the leader of Two River's Kobold district.


Ridley Wizen
“ For the honor of the Kobolds and the love of Two River, we must protect this place!!!! ”

Ridley Wizen is the leader of the Two River City Kobold district. A motivated soldier, Ridley didn't miss a training session for years and was considered a general with the highest command ability by Shu. During the Dunan Unification War, Ridley became ensnared in a Highland Kingdom plot that exploited the tensions present in Two River. Ridley, after finding a "secret communique" between Kiba Windamier and Makai that offered a peace treaty in exchange for Two River's Kobold District. However, Ridley was moved by the attempts of the Winged Horde to fight alone and Ridley realized that despite their differences, the people of Two River were still all citizens who wished to defend their home.

Following the defense of Two River, Ridley joined the New State Army and fought in several of the war's battles. Ridley was a brave officer, unafraid to risk his own life for what he believed in, such as when he and Shu used Highland's own racial tensions plot against them during a battle in Radat Town by having Ridley feint offence at a decision to place Kobold troops on the front line, then attack the Highland Army's flanks during the next battle.

Following the war, Ridley returned to Two River and continued as the leader of the Kobold army.


  • If the player chooses to tun away in Tinto with Nanami, Ridley will be killed searching for the missing hero and Boris Wizen, his son, will take his place.
  • Following the Highland Kingdom's conquest of Radat Town, the player has the option of either rescuing Ridley or letting him be captured by Highland forces in one of the war battles. Depending on the outcome, the plot will change very slightly.


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