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Star of Destiny Chisatsu Star
Illustration Hozumi Riya
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 29 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 420
Voice Irie Takeo (Suikoden V)

Raven (レーヴン, Rēvun) is a minor character in Suikoden V. Raven is a master thief who is able to become almost completely invisible in darkness, making him hard to target or catch.


Raven is a self-proclaimed master thief and the bearer of the Raven Rune. The rune allows Raven to become invisible in areas of darkness, making him extremely difficult to find while committing crimes at night and also in other areas, such as caves and mines.

As a phantom thief, he travels the land causing trouble by targetting the aristocracy in his crimes. Along with their treasures, he has a habit of also making off with their family trees. In fact, sometimes the family tree is the only item he will find worthy to steal. He was captured by Oboro once before during an attempt at breaking into a wealthy client's house. However, when Oboro's client refused to pay what he promised, Oboro neglected to inform the man of the Raven Rune, allowing Raven to escape a short time later. Despite this, Raven regards Oboro as a rival although he does appear to have some form of respect for his skills.

He is derisively called 'Crow' by Oboro and the public at large, a fact that continues to frustrate the thief, who favours his own more flamboyant moniker. During the Sun Rune War, Raven stole the family tree of Sable's Solis Raulbel. However, Oboro suspected that Raven was responsible and with the help of the Hero, captured the master thief in the Imperial City Recapture Army's storeroom, luring him with Egbert Aethelbald's family tree. A prisoner, Raven agreed to join the Prince's forces if Oboro would beg him to do so. Oboro did so without anger or humility, frustrating Raven who felt he could never humble the detective. However, he did keep his promise and join the Recapture Army, often bragging about his skills.

He once asked Luserina Barows if she wanted him to go to Rainwall and retrieve her family tree, an offer she refused. He sometimes spent time in Miroon's bath mulling over how he could get the upper-hand over Oboro.

After the conclusion of the Sun Rune War, Raven swore off thievery until Oboro's return from Nagarea. In the meantime, he volunteered to help Fuyo's detective agency with stakeouts, finding a role for himself at last.


  • Raven's weapon (Claw) is upgrades as: Rook, Carrion Crow, Nevermore. The last of which, is undoubtedly a reference to Edgar Allen Poe.


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