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Star of Destiny Tengou Star
Illustration Kizaki Sub-Zero
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 58 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 391
From Raftfleet, Queendom of Falena
Voice Kyōda Hisako (Suikoden V)

Raja (ラージャ, Rāja) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Raja is the Admiral of Raftfleet and the former Admiral of the Falenan Royal Navy.


Raja served as the Admiral of Raftfleet and prior to that served in an arguably even more vital role as the Admiral of the Falenan Royal Navy during the Armes Invasion in SY 441. Assisted by her deputy, Bahram Luger, "Hurricane Raja" would prove instrumental in helping the beleaguered Falenan forces push back and recover their lands from the New Armes Kingdom.

Following the war, she retired from the navy, becoming the head of Raftfleet. Following the Queen's Assassination, Raja was sympathetic to the plight of the Prince of Falena but declined to ally with him, stating that she could not have Raftfleet become a pawn of the Barows Faction any more that she could the Godwins. She did offer the Prince advice though, to recruit those who could fight alongside him.

Eventually the Godwins, who wanted Falena to be united and have cultural homogeny, planned an attack on Raftfleet. With some help from the Prince, no longer aligned with the Barows, and the excellent strategies of Lucretia Merces, they were able to drive back Luger’s fleet, thus ensuring Raftfleet’s safety. Raja, along with Raftfleet, then joined the Prince’s cause.

Raja and Bahram later met again aboard the Dahak during the liberation of Doraat, after Luger distracted them to ensure the escape of Childerich and Dilber Novum from the fallen citadel. Luger fought the Prince, and following his defeat, apologized to Raja for failing her as a student. Luger's death moved Raja to tears.

Raja was a fan of tea parties and often invited older folk like Talgeyl and Sairoh to her parties. The only young people invited to her parties were the Prince and Lun. After the war, Raja retired her position as leader of Raftleet, handing the reigns of leadership to Kisara, and quietly whiled away her time sipping tea at Raftfleet.


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