Queendom of Falena

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The Queendom of Falena (ファレナ女王国, Farena On'na Ōkoku) is a nation that is the setting for Suikoden V. It is also mentioned in Suikoden II and Suikoden IV.


Located on the southern continent, to the south of the Island Nations Federation, the Queendom of Falena is nation that practices a matriarchal form of primogeniture in its royal house, wherein the eldest daughter succeeds her mother to the throne. It is bordered to the south by both Nagarea and the New Armes Kingdom and Falena has held tense relationships with both these nations throughout its history.

Falena was said to have been founded in -250 SY when the first Queen descended to Lunas, bearing the Sun Rune following the destruction of the Ancient Armes Dynasty. Since then, the Sun Rune, and its partners, the Twilight and Dawn Runes have been enshrined in the country.

It appears to be the home of Lorelai, Killey and Morgan but the exact details are unclear. Bartholomew would journey to Falena following the Island Liberation War.

Also, there is a rumour that Georg Prime once visited Falena, murdered its queen and has been hunted as a criminal ever since.


  • Older sources, including the original Gensosuikoden Encyclopaedia state that Falena lies to east of Jowston. It might be possible to warp a map so that Falena ends up east of Jowston but it's more likely to be a ret-con.


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