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The Queen's Knights (女王騎士, Joō Kishi) are a military unit in Suikoden V.


The Queen's Knights history allegedly dates back to the founding of the Queendom of Falena, where they were originally a part of the Imperial Defense Knights, with hundreds of members.

When the capital of Falena was moved from Stormfist to Sol-Falena in SY 212, a separate Imperial Defense Corps was organized. Instead, the Queen's Knights were assigned as 'personal bodyguards' to protect the Queen and her closest relatives alone. In accordance with this new, focused duty, their numbers were also drastically reduced, with less than ten at any given time. Being chosen as a Queen's Knight, therefore, meant being recognized as one of the best warriors in Falena.

The Commander of the Queen's Knights was traditionally the husband of the Queen herself, a honour won by emerging victorious in the Sacred Games. Just prior to the Sun Rune War, Ferid served as Queen's Knight Commander, with Alenia, Galleon, Kyle, Zahhak, Miakis and Georg Prime serving under him. Lyon would serve as a Queen's Knight apprentice. Following the Queen's Assassination, the new Godwin backed Queen's Knights were led by Gizel Godwin, with Alenia and Zahhak serving faithfully while Miakis and Galleon would abandon the group as soon as possible. Childerich would be appointed to the elite group by Gizel also.

Following the Sun Rune War, the Queen's Knights would be reformed once more, this time under the leadership of the Prince of Falena, in a break from Falenan tradition. Lyon would become a formal Queen's Knight while Kyle, Galleon and Georg Prime each retired from their positions. Toma would begin training in order to become a Queen's Knight in the future.


Each Queen's Knight wore their own armour. They generally carried a black and gold motif, with the specific design unique to each knight's personal tastes. Queen's Knights also traditionally applied red eye shadow to the corners of their eyes.


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