Queen's Assassination

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The Queen's Assassination (女王暗殺, Joō Ansatsu) was an event that happened in the Queendom of Falena at the beginning of Suikoden V.


In SY 449, the rebellion led by the Godwin Faction engulfed the Queendom of Falena, resulting in the death of Queen Arshtat Falenas.

Queen's Knight Georg Prime, who had indeed dealt the blow, was stigmatised and outlawed as the "Queen Killer". Of course, the true cause of the late queen's demise was the Godwins who had enacted their coup, bringing Arshtat to the brink of madness and forcing Georg to kill her in order to prevent the destruction of Falena via Arshtat's Sun Rune. Manipulating the facts, the Godwins painted Georg as the one true perpetrator of the act.

In fact, Georg Prime had held up an oath made to Ferid to stop Arshtat if her bouts of madness caused by the Sun Rune got out of hand. Georg was prepared to accept the burden of this sin in order to keep his promise to his close friend.

Following the Sun Rune War, the truth of what happened allowed the stigma of this killing to fade within Falena but overseas, where news spreads slower and the truth is even more distorted, some people may still believe Georg Prime to be the "Queen Killer".


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