Qlon Temple

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Qlon Temple クロン寺
Kuron Dera
Qlon Temple.png
Map description
Qlon Temple location.png
Location of Qlon Temple in Toran.
Qlon Temple (クロン寺, Kuron Dera) is a temple which appears in Suikoden. Qlon Temple is a peaceful place which once held the resting place of the Star Dragon Sword.


Qlon Temple is an ancient temple situated west of Warriors' Village in the north-western reaches of the Lorimar region. The temple itself is considered historic. Residents of the Warriors' Village would sometimes visit Qlon Temple to pay their respects. The martial artist Morgan trained spiritually at this temple both during and after the Gate Rune War.

The temple was founded ages ago by a priest, named Qlon and was said to hold a secret. This secret, known to Fukien, head of the temple during the Gate Rune War was that deep in the Cave of the Past, located behind the temple, was the resting place of the Star Dragon Sword.


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