Pirate's Fortress

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Pirate's Fortress こぞくのとりで
Kozoku no Toride
Pirate's Fortress.png
Map description
Pirate's Fortress location.png
Location of Pirate's Fortress in Toran.
The Pirate's Fortress (こぞくのとりで, Kozoku no Toride) is a fortress which appears in Suikoden. Less a fortress, it is more of a small base located on a small island on the western side of Lake Toran.


The Pirate's Fortress was home to the band of pirates led by Anji, Leonardo and Kanak. The "fortress" itself is nothing more than a large wooden hut built on a small island in south-east Senan on the northern waters of Lake Toran. After the pirates joined the Toran Liberation Army, Anji admitted that there was no comparison between his own fortress and Toran Castle.


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