Percival Fraulein

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Percival Fraulein
Star of Destiny Chiki Star
Percival Fraulein.png
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 26 (Suikoden III)
Birth Year SY 450
Height 178cm (5'10") (Suikoden III)
From Iksay Village, Zexen Federation

Percival Fraulein (パーシヴァル・フロイライン, Pāshivuaru Furoirain) is a supporting character in Suikoden III. Percival is one of the Six Mighty Zexen Knights.


Percival's profile
“ One of the six renowned Zexen Knights. He excels at handling horses and is known as the "Swordsman of Gale". ”

Percival is one of the renowned Six Mighty Knights, the most skilled of the Zexen Knights. His talent at handling horses and his speed on horseback has earned him the nickname of the "Swordsman of Gale".

Raised in Iksay Village, Percival is still known as "Percy" to its residents. He is one of very few knights to have come from a commoner background. He tends to have a flexible view on things and can offer up unique ideas and insights easily. He joined the Knights as a common soldier but became one of the Six Mighty Knights at the behest of Knight Commander Galahad, who had observed Percival's skills on the field of battle. After being one of the mighty knights, he became a rival of Borus Redrum but eventually the two forged a bond as comrades.

During the War of the Champions, Percival fought valiantly and bravely, without losing his cool, contributing greatly to the cause of the Fire Bringer. Following the war, Percival returned to his home village before rejoining the knights when war broke out, his skills as sharp as ever.


  • Percival's weapon upgrades as Einst, Ghegenwelt, Zukenft. These are transcriptions of the German words for Past, Present, Future. The latter two are incorrect, correctly transcribed they would be Gegenwart and Zukunft.
  • Percival does relatively well as a combat mage as far as skill upgrades alloweverything reaches B or A levels. He gets the unique skills Continual Attack, Parry and Shield Magic.
  • Percival participates in the Knight A attack with Borus when not mountaed. He can also participate in the Knight B attack with Chris, and Borus or Leo. This only works when the party are mounted on horses.
  • His first name is a reference to the Arthurian knight Parzival. His last name is incorrectly transcribed German for Miss. Correctly, it would be Fräulein.


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