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The Patriarchal Faction (長老派, Chōrō-ha) was one of two major political groups in the Kooluk Empire during Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics.


Along with the Imperial Faction, the Patriarchal Faction was one of the two major political blocs in Kooluk politics. It was run by the organisation known as the Central Committee, comprised of all non-Imperial Faction officers, save for those of truly low status.

Compared to the Imperial Faction, which tended to drive national policy for the Empire as a whole, the Patriarchal Faction's influence was strongest in internal affairs. As the tension between the two factions grew into outright political instability, the Imperial Faction's losses in the Island Liberation War laid the seeds for a coup d'etat to be planned by Iskas.

Iskas' plan would destroy the weakened Imperials but his own defeat at the hands of Kyril would leave the Empire in ruins before being dissolved by Princess Corselia.

Members of the Patriarchal Faction


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