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Star of Destiny Tensatsu Star
Oulan (Suikoden II).png
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 27 (Suikoden II)
Birth Year SY 434
From Holy Kingdom of Harmonia

Oulan (オウラン, Ouran) is a character in Suikoden II who also appears in Gensosuikogaiden Volume 2. She is a powerful bodyguard hailing from the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia.


“ Okay, I'll do it. It looks like you've got a good reason to look for protection. Glad to join you. ”

Oulan was a bodyguard for hire who combined her impressive fighting technique with her stylish sensibilities. She wielded the Angry Dragon Rune in combat, making her even more powerful. She was also compassionate and could agree to work to protect a client regardless of payment or compensation if she felt inclined to.

She saw promise and heart in the leader of the New State Army after helping him dispatch a gang of thugs in Kuskus Town and would offer to assist the force, free of charge. In battle, her bodyguard skills would ensure that any allies defeated on the battlefield would be protected until they could retreat.

Following the war, she would remain in the new Dunan Republic as captain of their bodyguards for a time.


  • Although Oulan's measurement is given as "96-60-89" (38-24-35 in inches) in the original Japanese version, the American localisation gives it as 90-60-89, cutting six centimetres from her bust.
  • Incidentally, although Richmond reports the memo with Oulan's measurements, the note itself belonged to Sheena.


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