Orark Maritime Trade

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Orark Maritime Trade (オラーク海運, Orāku Kaiun) was a trading concern mentioned in Suikoden IV.


Ramada managed Orark Maritime Trade as part of his duties working for Graham Cray.
Orark Maritime Trade was a shipping company managed by Ramada. Ostensibly the company dealt with the trade of spices but was, in reality, a front for the more notorious Cray Trading Company. As such it dealt with more suspicious activities such as the transport of Rune Cannons.

As part of Cray Trading Company, it would become involved in an number of incidents, including the transport of giant Rune Cannon ammunition which would later be used to destroy Iluya Island, hiring pirates to attack Razril and the attempt to assassinate the bearer of the Rune of Punishment on Obel.


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