Odessa Silverberg

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Odessa Silverberg
Odessa Silverberg (Suikoden).png
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 21 (Suikoden)
Birth Year SY 437
From Gregminster, Scarlet Moon Empire
Family George Silverberg (cousin)
Leon Silverberg (uncle)
Mathiu Silverberg (brother)
One younger brother

Odessa Silverberg (オデッサ・シルバーバーグ, Odessa Shirubābāgu) is a major character in Suikoden. Odessa is the original leader of the Toran Liberation Army whose ideals continued to inspire the Liberation Army throughout the war.


Odessa Silverberg
“ Remember that you can't turn away from what you see and what you feel. Because if you do, that's a sin... ”

Odessa Silverberg is the founder and original leader of the Toran Liberation Army. Despite her birth into an aristocratic family, Odessa developed a sincere concern for how people were suffering under the corruption of the Scarlet Moon Empire after meeting Achilles, who was involved in an anti-imperial movement. Odessa eventually became Achilles' fiancée and joined the movement, helping him raise a war orphan named Michel.

Achilles was arrested on trumped-up charges due to his role in the anti-imperial movement. Odessa attempted to save her fiancée but Achilles was felled by Imperial archers. Odessa then founded the Toran Liberation Army with the express goal of opposing misrule and overthrowing the Imperial regime, beginning the Gate Rune War. She fell out with her brother, Mathiu, over this, believing him to be a coward for turning his back on suffering and refusing to use his considerable talents, with the two never reconciling. Over the next two years, the Liberation Army grew in size. Odessa laid the foundation for future strategies years in advance, including the building of the Secret Factory as well as the purchase of the plans for the Fire Spear.

As the leader of the Liberation Army, Odessa was a symbol of its ideals, being idolised as its "star of hope". Her tenderness and strength, as well as her determination never to turn her back on those who needed aid, bolstered her reputation with those sympathetic to her cause. Over time she would fall in love with Flik, the two having a strong relationship. In order to maintain her status as a strong leader, she rarely confided in people.

Operating out of the Liberation Army headquarters in Lenankamp's sewers, Odessa would first meet the hero after Viktor brought him to the sewers following his escape from Gregminster. Although open to having him join, she did not pressure him but did encourage him to think for himself and to take responsibility for his actions, such as the capture of Varkas and Sydonia. Odessa herself would take an active role in missions, travelling to Sarady to deliver the Fire Spear plans. While away on this mission the Liberation Army's hideout was attacked by Imperial soldiers. Returning during the attack, Odessa was killed while protecting a small child. Before she died, she requested that her body be thrown into the sewers to avoid spreading the news of her death, which she believed would affect the morale of the movement.

After her death, Odessa's wishes were followed and her body was disposed of in Lenankamp's sewers, closing the curtain on a brief, but intense life. She would be succeeded in leadership of the Liberation Army and although rumours of her disappearance would begin to circulate, her death only became public knowledge following the Battle at Pannu Yakuta Castle after the Liberation Army had grown to a point that the lie was no longer deemed necessary.

Odessa's ambitions would be realised when the Liberation Army finally overthrew the Imperial regime, establishing the Toran Republic.

Game info

Odessa (portrait).png Recruit Joins automatically following plot events in Lenankamp.
Info Level Gender Range W Type W Level Element Rune
6 Female L Bow 5 Wind Wind Lock.png
Weapon Level 1 Steel Bow Equipment Head Cap
Level 6 Copper Bow Body Light armour
Level 13 Gold Bow Other Female
Starting Equipment Head Head Gear Lock.png Other --

Body Tunic
Shield --


  • Ted shares the same weapon name as Odessa in Suikoden. They are stated to be common, mass-produced bows and are difficult for blacksmiths to work with.
  • In a true Warriors' Village tradition, Flik named his sword after Odessa, the thing that is most dear to him.


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