Northern Checkpoint

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Northern Checkpoint きたのせきしょ
Kita no Sekisho
Northern Checkpoint.png
Map description
Northern Checkpoint location.png
Location of Northern Checkpoint in Toran.
The Northern Checkpoint (きたのせきしょ, Kita no Sekisho) is a fortress which appears in Suikoden. It is a citadel located between the regions of Kunan and Senan.


The Northern Checkpoint is built over the Sadhna Stream and as such is the only way to gain entrance to the mostly desolate region of Senan. During the Gate Rune War, the Battle at the Northern Checkpoint occurred here when what was assumed by Imperial spies to be Toran Liberation Army training exercises turned into a surprise all-out attack on the checkpoint. Griffith was in command of the Northern Checkpoint during the war.