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North Window (ノースウィンドゥ, Nōsuuindou), localized as Northwind in the original Suikoden, is a location in Suikoden II. It is the destroyed hometown of Viktor.


North Window was once a large village, on a par with South Window City. In 449, Neclord laid waste to the village in a single night along with a host of zombies. The people were transformed into zombies and would turn on each other, leaving no survivors. Viktor was one of the few survivors and set out on a journey in search of revenge and at the end of a long quest, would (twice) enact his vengeance. Following the destruction of the town, it was left as ruins for years with only an old castle remaining standing in some form.

The deserted ruins of the town became subject to rumours of disappearances during the Dunan Unification War, which were found to be caused by Neclord. After he was driven off, the remains of the town would form the basis for the headquarters of the New State Army.


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