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Star of Destiny Chimei Star
Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 25 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 424
From New Armes Kingdom
Voice Yamakawa Kotomi (Suikoden V)

Nifsara (ニフサーラ, Nifusāra) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Nifsara is a high-ranked officer in the Armes Western Marine Corps, working under Shula Valya.


Nifsasa was one of Shula Valya's bodyguards in the Armes Western Marine Corps along with Sharmista. She is also a big fan of handsome boys, a fact that brought Nifsara into Shula's service in the first place. Although she has a rougher personality and temperament compared to Sharmista, her loyalty is no less strong for it.

Following the withdrawal of the New Armes Kingdom from Falena in the Sun Rune War, she and Sharmista would join the Imperial City Recapture Army along with Shula Valya himself in order to help foster more peaceful relations between the two countries post-war. Nifsara is well-trained in the use of the long spear, the specialist weapon of the New Armes Kingdom and wielded it masterfully in battle for the Recapture Army.

Nifsara was almost overwhelmed by all the boys in the Recapture Army that she considered handsome. These boys included, but were certainly not limited to Roy, Richard, and Nick. Her tastes even led her to forming a secret organisation with Linfa, called the Secret Alliance for the Protection of Pretty Hunks In Real Endangerment (SAPPHIRE). The group later invited Norma into their club to talk about Ernst. Hailing from the colder regions of Armes, like Sharmista, Nifsara was recommended by Shula Vayla to accompany the Prince to the extremely cold Ashtwal Mountains in pursuit of Marscal Godwin at the end of the war.

Following the war, she and Sharmista would be stationed alongside Shula Valya in his new position as New Armes ambassador in Sol-Falena. At times, Nifsara also checked in on Toma's training and teased him all the while.


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