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Star of Destiny Tensui Star
Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 13 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 436
From Feitas Dragon Cavalry
Voice Namikawa Daisuke (Suikoden V)

Nick (ニック, Nikku) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Nick is a talented apprentice studying in the Feitas Dragon Cavalry.


Nick is trainee in the Feitas Dragon Cavalry who has already formed a close bond with his dragon horse, Ax, and at their young age are skilled fighters. While still an apprentice, he holds a great deal of pride in the Feitas Dragon Cavalry. Talented at fencing and riding, his only real weakness as an apprentice is his lack of aptitude in flute-playing, often having his friend, Yoran, a dragon horse stable boy working towards becoming a trainer, play it for him.

He is also close . When Godwin troops entered Gordius during the Sun Rune War, Nick and his friends spied on the troops who held the dragon eggs hostage in order to ensure that the Dragon Cavalry would not interfere in the war, even though the invasion of the New Armes Kingdom was a call to arms. With the help of the Prince, Roog, and Rahal, they were able to repel Godwin's men, to ensure the eggs' safety.

Unfortunately for Nick, he had to muster up the courage to play his own flute for Ax or else Dolph would have successfully destroyed the eggs of every dragon horse in existence. The eggs were saved thanks to Nick, albeit his flute skills were so horrid that every dragon horse in the vicinity started to shriek at the top of their lungs. Following this success, Nick would join the Imperial City Recapture Army, aiding his comrades throughout the remainder of the war.

Soon after the war, Nick and Ax were inducted into the Dragon Cavalry and eventually became one of the duos to watch in the future.


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