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Nether Gate (幽世の門, Kakuriyo no Mon) is an organisation in Suikoden V.


Nether Gate was a covert assassination group that reported directly to the Queen of Falena. The group recruited children by a variety of means, pushing them through a thorough education, moulding them into killers and spies who would then be dispatched as assassins or intelligence personnel.

The group was made up of several departments, including drug development, led by Tsuranami, which produced many powerful drugs such as Raging Nostrum and Dark Arcanum.

During the royal family succession struggles between Falzrahm and Shahrewar, many lives on both sides were lost to Nether Gate and their assassinations. Once Arshtat ascended to the throne, Ferid would disband the organisation. However, out of the group's executives, only Oboro, head of the intelligence division, agreed to the dissolution. Hinoyagi, head of the sabotage division, would resist the order to disband to the last, committing suicide rather than being captured.

Tsurunami disappeared while Kayanu, head of assassin training, and Takefutsu, head of assassination duties, would flee to Nagarea where they are said to have stayed ever since. With the dissolution of Nether Gate, Falena would then rely on its regular army for defense.

However, when the Sun Rune War began, it would be revealed that remnants of Nether Gate had survived, having being organised as a private army under the control of Marscal Godwin. With the fall of the Godwin Faction, the organisation was disbanded again, seemingly for good.


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