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Neclord (Suikoden II).png

Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Vampire
Age c. 400
Birth Year SY 58

Neclord (ネクロード, Nekurōdo) is an antagonist in Suikoden and Suikoden II. Neclord is a vampire with a penchant for taking victims as his brides.


“ Now wait a minute. You speak as if I'm going to lose. ”

Neclord was a vampire who betrayed his brethern and cursed them to a painful death or a life of feeding on humans when he stole the Moon Rune from its shrine in the Blue Moon Village. Since then, Neclord travelled the land, striking villages and towns and kidnapping women to be his "bride" before feasting on them.

One of the villages hit by Neclord was the village of North Window, the home of Viktor. During the Gate Rune War, Neclord was appointed as the magistrate of Lorimar. Neclord travelled to Warriors' Village in order to take Tengaar as one of his brides. However, the Toran Liberation Army, along with Viktor and the Star Dragon Sword defeated the vampire.

However, despite appearances, Neclord had not, in fact, been killed. Neclord had used his "doppelganger secret", a technique that meant that the Neclord felled during the Gate Rune War was not the real Neclord. He would reappear at North Window during the Dunan Unification War before disappearing when confronted by Viktor.

Neclord would later appear in Tinto Principality, intending to overrun the region and establish his own undead kingdom. He would also kidnap Lilly Pendragon to be his bride, as well as Lo Wen, seemingly for sustenance.

With the help of Kahn Marley, Sierra Mikain and the Star Dragon Sword, the New State Army was finally able to nullify Neclord's doppleganger secret, remove the Moon Rune and strike him down once and for all. His last moments exposed the pitiful nature of Neclord as he begged for his life before being struck down by the Star Dragon Sword.


For the boss battles against Neclord in Suikoden, see Neclord (Suikoden Boss). For the boss battles against Neclord in Suikoden II, see Neclord (Suikoden II).




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