Nay Island

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Nay Island (ネイ島, Nei-jima) is a location which appears in Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics. It is a island located in the eastern Island Nations.


Ney Island is located in the eastern reaches of the Island Nations, just to the west of Na-Nal Island. A gorge divides the island in two and there is a human and Nay-Kobold Settlement on each of the two segments.

The human town lies on the slopes near the island's harbour while the Nay-Kobold settlement lies to the east, across the Stonecutter's Field and Suspension Bridge. Unlike their Na-Nal neighbours, the two different communities on Nay have built up a friendly relationship.

Although Nay is a peaceful island it has its problems in that emigration has started to increase with many young people leaving to look for work or excitement in their lives. As such, Nay now faces the threat of serious depopulation.


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