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Nay-Kobolds (ネコボルト, Nekoboruto) are a race in the Suikoden series. A number of prominent Nay-Kobolds have appeared in Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics.


Nay-Kobolds are a humanoid race with faces much like those of a cat, described as a variant of the kobold race. Physique-wise, they do not differ greatly from humans but do possess much larger heads in proportion to their body size.

Their name is said to stem from the idea that they were kobold-like people living on Nay Island, giving rise to their portmanteau name. They tend to get along well with humans and so Nay-Kobolds are able to adapt fairly well to human society outside the confines of Nay Island.

Although they are naturally inquisitive, they are also cautious and have a certain wariness when approached with the unknown. As such, few Nay-Kobolds have left Nay Island, preferring instead to learn from those who visit them.


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