Nameless Lands

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Nameless Lands

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Capital Unknown
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Continent Northern continent
The Nameless Lands (無名諸国, Mumei Shokoku), localised as the Outlands in Suikoden III, is a region located on the Northern continent, judged to be located in the far north. It is mentioned in several games of the series.


The "Nameless Lands" is a general term used for the small countries that lie to the north of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. Consisting of several countries, the region is said to have many different cultures and ethnic groups. These small countries have never played an active role in history, although several well known people have come from there, including Anita and Hanna.

Little is known about the area, although it is rumoured that Raura comes from this region. Thomas and Hallec are also said to have been from the Nameless Lands.


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