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Nagarea (ナガール教主国, Nagāru Kyōshu-koku, Nagarea Hierarch Nation) is a nation mentioned in Suikoden V.


Nagarea is a religious state located to the south of the Queendom of Falena. It was founded sometime around SY 330 through the uniting of a group of small, southern nations and acted as a violent theocracy.

The nation is known for its "armed missionary group", which in actuality serves as little more than an invading army. It was with this army that Nagarea invaded southern Falena around SY 360, the Nagarist Order claiming that dragon horses were evil and needed to be "cleansed" from the world. This Nagarist invasion would bind the Dragon-Horse People and the Queendom of Falena together and the threat would be repelled.

Since that time, the threat of Nagarist invasion loomed over southern Falena, emphasising the importance of the Feitas Dragon Cavalry but with the Great Earthquake destroying the land route that connected Falena and Nagarea in SY 376 the Nagarist threat has diminished greatly. Along with its wars against Falena, the New Armes Kingdom also considered Nagarea a potential enemy. The Lindwurm Mercenary Brigade also saw high demand from Nagarea's enemies.

Since the Great Earthquake, it is said that Nagarea has become an insular, isolationist nation. Following the dissolution of Nether Gate, two of its leaders; Kayanu, head of assassin training, and Takefutsu, head of assassination duties, would flee to Nagarea where they are said to have stayed ever since.


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