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Star of Destiny Chisei Star
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Human
Height 188cm (6'2") (Suikoden III)

Nadir (ナディール, Nadīru) is a supporting character in Suikoden III. Nadir is a masked, dramatic theatre producer on the lookout for natural talent.


Nadir's profile
“ A drama producer whose identity is unknown due to the mask he wears. ”

Nadir is a drama producer who wears a mask, covering his face at all times. He was once part of a three-person troupe which travelled the road far and wide but by the War of the Champions, the company was dissolved. Nadir continued to travel, searching for natural talent.

His true identity is a secret and there have been many contradictory rumours and theories about the motivation behind his wearing a mask. Some stories say that he is a very handsome man, others say that his face has been horrifically burned. Others suggest that he was a famous actor who was so talented he found it difficult to remain himself. And others, yet again, say he choose to hide his face after a particularly terrible performance. He may just wear the mask to symbolise his dedication to the theatre.

In Caleria, he would meet a group of Fire Bringer members whom he saw talent in and so joined the group, opening a theatre at Budehuc Castle. Following the war, his theatre would prove to be a sell-out, due to rumours that the Flame Champion had performed there.


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