Na-Nal Island Chief

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Na-Nal Island Chief
File:Na-Nal Island Chief.png
Gender Male
Race Human
From Na-Nal Island
Family Axel (son)
Voice Ogino Seiro (Suikoden IV)

The Na-Nal Island Chief (ナ・ナル島長, Na Naru-jima Chō) is a minor character in Suikoden IV. He is the leader of the Na-Nal Island human community.


Befitting the Na-Nal reputation for strength, the Chief was the strongest on the island. He was well acquainted with Lino En Kuldes as both were rulers of their respective islands.

During the Island Liberation War, the Chief was able to build friendly relations with the Kooluk Empire through Troy and held fast to a policy of not interfering in the war. When he attempted to gift the Kooluk soldiers stationed on Na-Nal the Elven Remedy, however, things fells apart. The remedy had been switched by the elves of the Elven Settlement with poison. The resulting poisoning of several Kooluk soldiers led to a violent retaliation which was stopped by the crew of the Headquarters Ship.

Following this massacre, the Chief regretted his relationship with the Kooluk and agreed to cooperate instead with the resisting forces. He would have his son, Axel, join their crew as a show of this new-found cooperative spirit. Following the war, he would ceede leadership of the island to his son.


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