Na-Nal Island

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Na-Nal Island (ナ・ナル島, Na Naru-jima) is a location which appears in Suikoden IV and Suikoden Tactics. It is a island located in the eastern Island Nations.


Na-Nal Island was the eastern-most inhabited island in the Island Nations region. The custom for the humans there was to have a triangle painted on the forehead, used to represent the status of the individual villagers there.

The island was relatively built up, with rune, armour and item shops as well as a popular hot spring, which served as a tourist attraction, on the western side of the island. In the far north, across a gorge, lay the Great Elven Tree and the Elven Settlement. The elves who resided there harboured a disdain for the human settlers and this almost turned into full-blown conflict during the Island Liberation War. Since then, however, relations have slowly improved.


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