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Star of Destiny Chiman Star
Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Male
Race Beaver
From Beaver Lodge
Voice Satō Rina (Suikoden V)

Muroon (ムルーン, Murūn) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Muroon is a beaver architect who designed the plans for Hatred Fortress.


Muroon is the middle of the five beaver siblings, being older than Meroon and Moroon but younger than Maroon and Miroon. Alongside his brothers, he served as part of Fuwalafuwalu's entourage at Beaver Lodge. He is an extremely intelligent beaver with a highly rational mind and a great architect. Muroon designed the original blueprints for Hatred Fortress under duress from the Godwin Faction following the Lordlake Uprising of SY 447.

Two years later, the guilt-ridden Muroon agreed to help the Imperial City Recapture Army destroy the fortress, noting that it was too strong to be taken down by conventional means. Since Lucretia Merces' plan was to destroy the fortress with a large tidal wave, Muroon was tasked with building a dam to hold back the majority of the tidal wave as well as the wreckage of Hatred Fortress without depriving Lordlake of water. With the help of the rest of the beaver population, he was able to achieve the task just in time. Following this success, Muroon agreed to join the Recapture Army at their newly discovered headquarters at Ceras Lake.

Even though he's the third oldest sibling, he actually looks to be the eldest, which is something that worries him from time to time. Muroon is incredibly astute: he is the only Beaver who can read Miroon's hidden facial expressions and he was also the only beaver in the Recapture Army, aside from Fuwalafuwalu, who could write in the language of humans. Muroon often related messages from other beavers by scribing the thoughts of his siblings. He was one of the first inhabitants at the headquarters who spotted any indication that Byakuren lived in the lake; he described it as an incredibly huge, pure-white snake, which later proved accurate, much to his satisfaction.

Muroon managed to bring Miroon into the Recapture Army after offering to design and build a bath for her at Ceras Lake since the hot springs, and her business, in Yashuna Village had dried up. Being even-headed, he also tried to calm things down between Maroon and Moroon who held opposing views on humans. Muroon and Maroon were asked by Faylen to help him become a good older brother, something that Muroon had little experience with as the beaver lifespan meant that beavers became independent at an earlier age than humans.

After the Sun Rune War, Muroon became the Beaver Lodge delegate to the New Parliament, at Maroon's urging, and worked to restore Falena's south dam, presumably this time without affecting those who lived in nearby areas such as Lordlake.


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