Mt. Tigerwolf

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Mt. Tigerwolf (虎狼山, Korō Zan) is a mountain which appears in Suikoden. It divides the village of Sarady from the rest of Arus and is home to several bandits.


At 500 metres above sea level, Mount Tigerwolf is one of the tallest mountains in Toran, located just a short distance from the small village of Sarady and north of the Tolna Canal and the Floating Fortress of Shasarazade. The mountain is considered an entrance to the foreboding Banner Mountains. The path through the mountain was considered dangerous due to the monsters inhabiting the range.

The mountain's name came from rumours that many tigers and wolves lived in the mountain range. This was a deliberate lie spread by some to try and scare people away when gold dust and veins were discovered there.

The mountain was also known to be home to several bandits, including Ledon and Kessler, who drugged and stole valuables from travellers through the mountains but an Imperial crackdown in the area during the Gate Rune War forced the majority of bandits to flee the area.


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