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Star of Destiny Chiziku Star
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 37 (Suikoden)
Birth Year SY 421
Family Emily (daughter)
Ronnie Bell (wife)

Mose (モース, Mōsu) is a supporting character in Suikoden. Mose worked in the Toran Liberation Army's Secret Factory, as well as working as a blacksmith at Toran Castle.


“ The Liberation Army gets bigger and bigger, so my work is never done. ”

Mose is a blacksmith and one of the early members of the Toran Liberation Army[1]. Mose put his blacksmithing skills to work in the Liberation Army's Secret Factory, building weapons. Using the ninja Kage as a messenger[2], Mose received plans from Odessa for a powerful new weapon: the Fire Spear. He is sometimes called "Pops", much to his consternation.

Though he and Ronnie Bell became isolated following the raid on the Toran Liberation Army's headquarters in Lenankamp[3], they continued to develop the Fire Spears. The hero eventually came to collect the weapons, informing Mose of the Liberation Army's exploits following the attack on Lenankamp. Mose expressed sorrow upon hearing of Odessa's death, and considered the Fire Spear blueprint she had given him a keepsake[4].

Mose followed the hero to Kirov, where he and Ronnie Bell both decided to follow the leader to the new headquarters of the Liberation Army, Toran Castle. There, Mose served as a soldier and used his skills as a blacksmith.

Following the Gate Rune War, Mose helped to rebuild Gregminster[5]. Mose also married Ronnie Bell and the two had a daughter, Emily.

Game info

Mose (portrait).png Recruit Recruited automatically following story events at the Secret Factory.
Info Level Gender Range W Type W Level Element Rune
23 Male M Spear 8 -- --
Weapon Level 1 Aluminum Hammer Equipment Head Helmet
Level 5 Titanium Hammer Body Light armour
Level 11 Iron Hammer Other Male
War Name Type Soldiers Lead ATK Sub ATK
Secret Factory Team Charge 350 8 5
Starting Equipment Head -- Other --

Body Brass Armor
Shield --
Unites Blacksmith Attack Maas, Meese, Moose


  • Mose can sharpen weapons up to the 12th level, making him the third-best blacksmith in the game.
  • Odessa Silverberg tests Kage's integrity by asking about Mose taking care of a sick pigeon, which she found hard to believe[6].


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