Moon Bird Recipe

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The Moon Bird Recipe (蒼月鳥の涙のレシピ, Sōgetsu tori no Namida no Reshipi, Blue Moon Bird Tear Recipe) is an item in Suikoden II. It is the highly coveted recipe sought after by the Black Dragon Group.


The Moon Bird Recipe is said to be the ultimate recipe that can satisfy any person it is served to. The Grand Wazoo of the Black Dragon Group, Jinkai, as well as Retso attempted to use the recipe to empower cooks in their Dragon Plan.

Oppossed to the plan, Retso's daughter Shun Min stole the recipe and passed it on to Hai Yo. The recipe stayed with Hai Yo as he battled numerous chefs sent by the Black Dragon Group during the Dunan Unification War. Finally, after defeating Jinkai, he would tear the recipe to pieces as recipes were not the key to making people happy through cooking.


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