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Star of Destiny Chiretsu Star
Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Female
Race Beaver
From Beaver Lodge
Voice Sakai Akane (Suikoden V)

Miroon (ミルーン, Mirūn) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Miroon is a bath-obsessed beaver who left home in order to create baths of her own.


Miroon is the second eldest of the five beaver siblings and is a peerless beauty by beaver standards. Miroon loved baths so much that she left Beaver Lodge and opened her own bath at the Tricolor Inn in Yashuna Village, which quickly became extremely popular with the village's citizens and visitors. She would remodel her mallet to function as a deck brush for use in her work.

During the Sun Rune War, the supply of water to the baths was cut off when a crew of cave dwarves accidentally disrupted the water flow while digging. Luckily for her, Muroon and the Prince invited her to open a bath at the Imperial City Recapture Army base at Ceras Lake until such time as the supply of hot-spring water could be restored.

Byakuren saw her as a rival in the beauty stakes, prompting much jealousy from the serpent. Miroon's facial expressions are very difficult for anyone to read, be they beaver, dwarf, or human, with the exception of Muroon who is said to be the only one able to read her facial expressions to any degree. In running the baths for the Recapture Army, Miroon had quite a task maintaining order among all the varied patrons. For example, when Gavaya tried to peek into the women's bath, an angry Miroon dispatched him to the infirmary with a single blow. She also had to break up fights between Byakuren and Flail in the baths as well.

Once the Sun Rune War drew to a close, Miroon closed her Ceras Lake baths and returned to Yashuna where the supply of water had now been restored. She continued to run her inn while hiring help for everything, except, of course, the baths.


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