Milit Village

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Milit Village (ミリトの村, Mirito no Mura) is a location which appears in Gensosuikogaiden Volume 2. It is a small village located in the Grassland.


Located in the Grassland, the small village of Milit is known for its annual Festival of Hooves and Reed Pipes to commemorate the harvest. In the past, the village has been attacked by soldiers claiming to be from the New State Army, leaving the villagers ill-disposed towards their officers and the Dunan Republic. The village was attacked again in 460 during its festival by bandits claiming to be the Fire Bringer, led by Clant.

Although Mayor Clad attempted to appease the group, they would eventually be driven from the village by Nash Latkje, Gijimu and Camus, among others. Due to the efforts of those former New State Army soldiers in saving the village, the people there began to trust the Dunan Republic once again.


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