Milich Oppenheimer

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Milich Oppenheimer
Star of Destiny Tenkyu Star
Milich Oppenheimer.png
Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male?
Race Human
Age 38 (Suikoden)
Birth Year SY 420

Milich Oppenheimer (ミルイヒ・オッペンハイマー, Miruihi Oppenhaimā) is a supporting character in Suikoden. Milich Oppenheimer was one of the Five Great Generals of the Scarlet Moon Empire, who is also known for being one of the original narcissists.


Milich Oppenheimer
“ How do you do. I am the most renowned of the Five Great Imperial Generals, Milich Oppenheimer, the Flower General. ”

Milich is a talented swordsman who was one of the Five Great Generals of the Scarlet Moon Empire. Milich became well known for his creative tastes, redesigning Scarleticia Castle.

In the early stages of the Gate Rune War, Milich Oppenheimer was given command of the Kunan region. Windy also gave him a Conqueror Rune. Under the influence of the Conqueror Rune, Milich began to make many changes: changing the names of the towns in the area to ones he found more suitable, cracking down on remnants of the Toran Liberation Army[1], and creating biological weapons such as the highly poisonous rose, Antoinette.

Milich remained one step ahead of the Toran Liberation Army as they attempted to gain control of Kunan, using poisonous flowers to poison their army on the battlefield during the First Battle at Scarleticia Castle, then kidnapping Liukan, the only man capable of creating an antidote. When the leader of the Liberation Army sneaked into Soniere Prison to free Liukan, Milich unleashed a rare vial of the Spores of Agony, a man-eating molecule, on his party; despite suffering casualties, the Toran Liberation Army rescued Liukan.

Without his poisonous flowers, Milich lost the Second Battle at Scarleticia Castle. Milich's Conqueror Rune melted and he returned to normal, no longer remembering events when he was under the Conqueror Rune's influence[2].

Though many members of the Toran Liberation Army wanted to kill Milich in order to avenge Gremio[3][4], Tir McDohl realized that Milich was not at fault for Gremio's death[5]. Milich became a member of the Toran Liberation Army, in order to warn Emperor Barbarosa of Windy's evil intentions[6].

Milich helped to convince his former colleague, Kasim Hazil, to join the Toran Liberation Army by arguing it was Kasim's duty to help Emperor Barbarosa realize the errors of his ways[7].

Following the formation of the Toran Republic, Milich retired from the military and spent his days protecting the memorial graves of Barbarosa and Claudia[8]. Milich continued to reside in Gregminster with his two cats, Mille Feuille and Ruth Du Mongeoux. He also became a writer; his famous work, For the Love of the Empire, became a best-seller and was adapted into a play, although the historical accuracy of this work, dealing with the Toran Liberation War, is highly questionable.

Game info

Milich (portrait).png Recruit Refuse to execute Milich and then accept his request to join you during the story events at Scarleticia Castle.
Info Level Gender Range W Type W Level Element Rune
32 Unknown S 1H sword 6 -- --
Weapon Level 1 Rose Equipment Head Cap
Level 7 Marguerite Body Light armour
Level 13 Orchid Other Narcissist
War Name Type Soldiers Lead ATK Sub ATK
Narcists Magic 270 14 3
Starting Equipment Head Pointed Hat Other Rose Brooch Lock.png

Body Guard Robe
Shield --


  • When Milich changes the names of towns under his command, he renames Antei as Bier Blanche, Rikon as Premier L'Amour and Teien as Lac Viriginite. Milich's love of renaming thing to be more elegant extends to people, including his servants Pierre and Andre.
  • If Milich is brought to the bath with a party of all men (no women), he will bathe in the women's section instead of the men's.
  • In true tribute to his nickname, "the Flower General", all three of Milich's weapon names - Rose, Marguerite, and Orchid are that of flowers.
  • If you pay close attention to Milich's battle stance, you will see that he is left handed. He stands with his right hand slightly behind his back, with his left hand and sword pointing forward.
  • The surname Oppenheimer merely means "one from Oppenheim". One of the most famous bearers of the Oppenheimer surname is J. Robert Oppenheimer, a physicist who helped to create the first atomic bomb.


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