Mega Medicine

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Mega Medicine
Artwork from Suikoden


First game


Mega Medicine (特効薬, Tokkōyaku, Wonder Medicine) is the advanced HP restorative item throughout the Suikoden series. It usually heals 500 HP and is normally purchased in bundles of three.


Mega Medicine is a more powerful form of the regular Medicine item with a much higher healing property, able to cure most injuries. As such, it is more expensive, costing 500 potch for three portions.


Game Effect Buy Sell Find Notes
Suikoden Restores 500HP to one target. 500 250 Shop: Great Forest Village et. al --
Suikoden II Restores 500HP to one target. 500 250 Shop: Ryube et. al --
Suikoden III Restores 300HP to one target. 800 400 Shop: Duck Village (Chapter 3) et. al Grade D


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