Mauro Blight

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The subject of this article has not yet been localised outside of Japan by Konami. Please remember that these romanisations are non-canon.
Mauro Blight
Unknown Male.png
Gender Male
Race Human
From Holy Kingdom of Harmonia

Mauro Blight (マウロ・ブライト, Mauro Buraito) is a minor character mentioned in Suikoden II supplementary materials. He was the first ruler of the Highland Kingdom.

Mauro Blight was credited with the supression of civil war within Harmonia and was granted the title of "Guardian of the Doctrine" from Hikusaak himself.


  • More commonly seen online as Maroux Blight, which adds a faux-French flair but doesn't really stem from the katakana. Mauro is a relatively popular Italian name, derived from Maurice.


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