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Mathiu's letter (マッシュの手紙 Massyu no Tegami) was a letter written by Mathiu Silverberg intended for delivery to Kimberly in Antei[1]. The letter presumably provided some details about Mathiu's plans to rescue Liukan[2]. Kimberly couldn't actually read the letter however[3], leaving it to Gremio to read it to her[4].


  • A second letter from Mathiu is later given to the player to deliver to Leon Silverberg but it does not appear in the inventory.


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  2. "I see. Mathiu's up to his old tricks again." - Kimberly (Suikoden)
  3. "What is it? A letter from Mathiu? Let me see... ..............................??? Oops, I forgot to mention that I can't read. What's it say?" - Kimberly (Suikoden)
  4. "......... Okay, I'll read it." - Gremio (Suikoden)
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