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Star of Destiny Chiei Star
Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 29 (Suikoden V)
Birth Year SY 420
From Scarlet Moon Empire
Voice Kita Daisuke (Suikoden V)

Mathias (マティアス, Matiasu) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Mathias is the ever-loyal adjutant to Isabel, embodying the ideals of the Maximillian Knights.


Mathias is a reticent knight who has pledged absolute loyalty to his companion, Isabel. His father had once previously pledged his own loyalty to the Maximillian Knights and Mathias, without being bound this word, in turn pledged himself to Isabel.

He accompanied Isabel to Falena on the invitation of Euram Barows, who had told the two that the Prince of Falena had turned against the Princess in order to seize the throne for himself. Seeking to learn whether this evil was true and to punish the Prince, should it be, Isabel and Mathias traveled through Falena first meeting the Prince in the port town of Estrise. But it was in Haud Village where Isabel revealed that she and Mathias knew that it was Euram who needed to be punished, not the Prince. Mathias prepared to exact final retribution upon Euram and cast his body into the nearest lake; Euram, unprepared for this, was forced to quickly retreat from the area.

Once in the Imperial City Recapture Army, Mathias continued protecting his lady, just as before, even from pests such as Gavaya. After the war ended, he and Isabel continued on their journey to eradicate evil, heading onwards to the New Armes Kingdom.


  • Mathia's pike is named after Isabel after upgrades in a way similar to the swords of those from the Warriors' Village. It upgrades similarly too: Isabel, Isabel +, Isabel ++.


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