Masked Man

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Masked Man
Illustration Ishikawa Fumi
Gender Male
Race Human
Height 166cm (5'5") (Suikoden III)

The Masked Man (仮面の神官将, Kamen no Otoko), also known as the Masked Bishop, is a character who appears in Suikoden III. He is a bishop appointed to lead the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia's incursion into the Grassland as part of the War of the Champions. His true identity and motive is a driving mystery behind Suikoden III.


The Masked Man is a bishop of the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. He was able to manipulate his way into being appointed to the position on the orders of Hikusaak himself. As Bishop, he had been appointed to oversee the Le Buque forces during the War of the Champions.

His goal was to find the five elemental True Runes. In pursuit of this, he was first seen on the Ancient Highway attempting to find a way into the ruins there but without success. He would also use his influence as a bishop to hunt for the Flame Champion. With his cohorts, he would later attempt to stop the Alma Kinan soul-sending ritual so that he instead could break the seal on the True Water Rune, giving him access to the Sindar ruins on the Ancient Highway. Once Hugo, Chris and Geddoe made their way to the Flame Champion's Hideaway, the Masked Man was able to track them and would attempt to take the True Fire Rune without success.

With the runes unsealed by the Fire Bringer, the Masked Man was finally able to enter the Ancient Highway where he attempted to secure the True Water Rune. However, he would be thwarted by the Fire Bringer and in the ensuing fight, his mask would be shattered, revealing his identity.


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