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Illustration Kawano Junko
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 39 (Suikoden Tactics)
Birth Year SY 271
From Kooluk Empire
Family Corselia (daughter)
Miranda (wife)
Voice Taki Satoshi (Suikoden Tactics)

Martin (マルティン, Marutin) is a supporting character from Suikoden Tactics. He is the father of Corselia as well as the final crown prince of the Kooluk Empire.


During the reign of Julius, Martin was the heir to the Kooluk throne. Proud of his royal lineage, his first thought was always towards his country. However, his devotion to his military service and focus on the army led to a rift between him and his wife, Miranda, and daughter, Corselia.

For his part, Martin remains oblivious to this and was fiercely protective of his daughter. When he was informed that she was journeying alongside Kyril, he would put his efforts into tracking them down. He would duel Kyril at the Mido Shallows in order to determine if he was worth of protecting his daughter, entrusting her to him after his defeat.

As a member of Kooluk's Imperial Faction, Martin was intensely distrustful of both Iskas and the Patriarchal Faction. Once Iskas made his power play in Graska, Martin would confront him, only to be transformed into a fishman and struck down by Kyril when he attacked Corselia.

It was only in death, communicating through Yohn, that he was able to apologise to Corselia for placing the empire above all else, giving his blessing to whatever Corselia chose regarding its fate.


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