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Star of Destiny Chima Star
Illustration Fujita Kaori
Gender Male
Race Beaver
From Beaver Lodge
Voice Morita Chiaki (Suikoden V)

Maroon (マルーン, Marūn) is a supporting character in Suikoden V. Maroon is a curious beaver youth and one of Beaver Lodge's finest warriors.


Maroon is the eldest of the five beaver siblings and served as Fuwalafuwalu's assistant as well as something of a leader figure for the young beavers of Beaver Lodge. Unlike most beavers, he held an innate curiosity and held many innovative ideas.

Considered a young man by beaver standards, as well as being an able warrior, Maroon was eager to help the Prince destroy Hatred Fortress and restore the flow of water to Lordlake. He felt guilty for the beavers' part in the fortresses construction and so accompanied the Prince to the Ceras Lake ruins as part of Lucretia Merces' plan to destroy the fortress. While on this mission, Maroon formed a kinship of sorts with the Lordlake youth, Toma. Following the success of the operation, however, Maroon declined to join the Imperial City Recapture Army, citing a desire to stay out of human affairs.

After the attack on Beaver Lodge by Nether Gate, Maroon realised that staying out of human affairs nearly led to the genocide of the beaver race. Despite his previous reservations, Maroon joined the Prince's army along with Fuwalafuwalu and the rest of Beaver Lodge and served as a skilled commander of the beaver units.

Haswar, the Oracle of Lunas, found Maroon to be the cutest of all the beavers, a title that Maroon somewhat disliked, as he was a proud young beaver. Unlike his younger brother, Muroon, Maroon could not write in the human language, but did sometimes have messages passed on to the Prince by his younger sibling and although he is the eldest beaver sibling, Maroon has little experience being a 'big brother' due to the rapid maturity of beavers.

Following the Sun Rune War, Maroon succeeded the late Fuwalafuwalu as leader as per his dying request and contributed to the harmonious co-existence of Falena's three most prominent races.


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