Man-Hunting Incident

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The Man-Hunting Incident (人間狩り事件, Ningen Kari Jiken) was an event that happened several years before the events of Suikoden IV.


The Man-Hunting Incident was a tragic occurrence along the border between the Scarlet Moon and Kooluk Empires which resulted in a large loss of life in a single attack. It occurred approximately a decade prior to the outbreak of the Island Liberation War.

Leading up to the incident, Scarlet Moon aristocrats, irritated that a recent cease-fire between the two powers removed their chances to prove their valour in combat, would disguise themselves as Kooluk soldiers and lay siege to border villages.

Scarlet Moon strategist Elenor Silverberg soon recognised what has happening and tried to call an immediate halt to the man-hunting nobles. However, the attacks went on regardless until one day, the village attacked was that of Graham Cray. Cray's son, bearer of the Rune of Punishment saw what was happening and use the power of the rune to try and stop it, killing the aristocrats, the villagers and taking his own life in the process.

It was Cray who would take on the blame for the incident and both he and Elenor, as his superior, would be banished from the Empire. Following the incident, the gruesome man-hunting raids would be no more. Although the incident would be covered up some affected, such as Frederica, would continue to investigate what had happened.


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